Entering the Gotham Multihulls 2017

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Registration fee for the Gotham ’17: $50.00.

For those without a NEMA rating, you can easily get one.

You can also become a member.

The race will apply the NEMA race rule.

Great Kills Harbor:

Great Kills Park: A $50 Boat Launch Permit is available for Great Kills only, and the launch site operates from April – November. Great Kills Ranger Station is open Friday through Monday from 9 AM to 4:30 PM. Call 718-987-6790 for more information.

Trailers & cars parking available. For more information, contact the RCYC

142 Mansion Avenue, Staten Island, NY 10308
Tel:718-356-4120 Fax:718-966-1555
Email: info@rcyachtclub.org

There are 9 hotels in Staten Island, none are within walking distance, but car services are easily available. Here a little help from Yelp.

And don’t forget AirB’n’B! There are not too many options available in Staten Island.


Saturday evening, the fleet will dock at the brand new One 15 Brooklyn Marina, facing Manhattan, in the beautifully renovated Brooklyn Bridge Park.

Visit the marina website:



There are dozens of hotels nearby the marina, again Yelp and airB’n’B can help you find a good one within walking distance.

Crew party at Fornino Pier 6!

More info soon!

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